Text Cleaner module. Remove unwanted characters in your lists

Text Cleaner module. Remove unwanted characters in your lists

The Text Cleaning module is a very powerful module that will quickly and effectively remove unwanted characters from text columns in your list/s. At a press of a button, the text cleaner can automatically remove non-printable characters, leading or trailing spaces, and even repetition of certain characters. Before doing a match/deduplication on your list/s, this is a great module to use because by removing all unwanted characters, a list deduplication will then be much more effective.

For example: By simply selecting a column from your list (lets say 'surname' for this example), you can then select various cleaning operations from the right-hand side, that will help ensure each 'surname' value is clean and accurate.

Lets use the example above in this quick 5-step guide into using the Text Cleaner Module:

Step 1: After importing your list, click the 'Clean' button, as shown below.


 Step 2: Click the 'Text Cleaner' Tab, as shown below:


Step 3: Select the column name that you wish to modify. In the example below we are using the 'Surname' field. Once selected, WinPure Clean & Match will then place all the distinct values from this field into the ALL VALUES box, together with a count for each value. If you look carefully, you will notice that some of the surnames have numeric characters in them.


You will notice that by default, the 'Remove leading and trailing spaces' & 'Remove non-printable characters' are already ticked. You are welcome to un-tick these boxes, but we recommend you use these two options, as not only will they ensure you have clean and accurate values, but also if you do any deduplicating, this will ensure better matching.

We now need to tick the 'Alpha only column cleaning' option, and also the 'Remove all digits' option (see below). If the column was telephone numbers or sales figures, then we would use the 'Numeric only column cleaning' option.


Step 5: Click the 'Clean' button. Within seconds the values have been corrected. Notice the numbers on the surnames have now been removed


This Text Cleaner module contains many great cleaning operations and we recommend you experiment with all the options available. This is a very powerful module that should be widely used, as it will help to ensure your lists are
clean, accurate and free from any bad characters.