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Clean & Match

After installation I get the error 'Microsoft ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine

For some reason during installation, it has not correctly installed the database drivers. Click here to download and install the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe, direct from the Microsoft website.

If I buy the Standard Edition can I upgrade to the Business Edition?

Yes you can. We offer special upgrades on both the Express and Standard Editions.

Which software product is best for data matching / deduplication?

For data matching we recommend Clean & Match, unless you just need to match on email addresses or other columns that require an identical match.  ListCleaner Pro does contain a module for data matching but will only find duplicates that are exactly the same (John Smith = John Smith, etc)  Clean & Match contains powerful fuzzy matching algorithms that will help to find names and addresses that are the same but are spelt differently. Click here to learn more.

I cannot connect to MySQL database table

You will need the following  installed

- MS VC++ 2010 redistributable x86
- MySQL Connector ODBC 5.1 x86

To download click

What is the difference between the Standard and Business Editions?

The Standard Edition has a record limit of 250,000 records per import. The 250,000 limit is not a cumulative total, its just per import.

The Business Edition has a record limit of 500,000 records per import.