Postcode Address File (PAF)

There are 26.5 million addresses held on the PostCode Address File (PAF); the source of UK postcodes, and this file is constantly changing. Mailsort discounts depend on having the correct address and postcode data for your customers. If you do not regularly cleanse your data against PAF, you are probably spending more than you need on mailings.

Improve accuracy of mailings and provide addresses in a consistent format.

Verify and correct historical address records and turn them into useable data.

Reliable database analysis becomes possible with accurate address records

Maximising the potential of bulk mail discounts

We simply send you back your list with the updated addresses added to your file
Our FREE Data Report (to assess the health of your data) will outline the number of your contact addresses that are PAF standard and which can be corrected, alongside number of duplications, telephone number matches, gone-aways, movers, deceased, TPS, MPS, FPS and much more. Click here for more details >>