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Your FREE, no-obligation Data Report will include:

An accurate count of the number of addresses that need updating or correcting, due to misspellings, missing address elements or out of date addresses, using Royal Mail PAF file.

An accurate count of the number of addresses which cannot be cleaned to the Royal Mail Postal Address File and which are then undeliverable.

An accurate count of the number of matches that your data has against the very latest Mailing/Telephone/Fax Preference Service files.

An accurate count of the number of duplicate entries at family and individual level.
..and much more

This report is FREE and you are under no obligation to buy any services from us - either now, or in the future. Click here to view a sample of the FREE Data Report

How do I get it?
Please follow the 2 simple steps below to get your FREE Data Report.

1) Compress your data using a program such as Winzip or any other compression product (with a password if you wish for added security). We suggest you send the name and address fields, together with any unique record number or customer URN. (We can accept any format, but would suggest CSV (Comma Separated Variables), as it is the simplest format)

2) Simply attach your data file to an email to:, indicating whether the list is consumer or business, and we will compile your results and contact you within 1 working day with your FREE Data Report.

For all WinPure Bureau Enquiries, please write to