Data Cleansing Services

img4The WinPure Data Cleansing Services is available to clean, suppress and enhance your consumer or business data. Featuring pay-as-you-go pricing so you only pay for what you need.

Are you mailing to inaccurate and undeliverable addresses?
Are you about to receive a large fine for mailing people on the TPS/FPS list?
Are you mailing gone-aways or deceased people?
Does your database(s) contain duplications?

We can check your data against the latest Post Office Address File (PAF) , the latest telephone/fax preference files, the latest gone-aways, etc and will identify duplications.

If you send us your file and we can provide you with a FREE Data Cleansing Services Report, of which you can then purchase just the relevant results. Click here for more details >>

Alternatively download our powerful and easy-to-use
data cleansing tools