Address Verification - Features

Correct addressing enables improved customer targeting, delivering higher response rates for direct marketing campaigns. Fewer undeliverable and unwanted mailings generate significant savings in your direct mailing budget.


  • Normalize appearance
    WinPure Address Verification will make any decipherable address appear similar to all the other addresses.
  • Separate address components
    We'll give you each line of the corrected address, in addition to the separated parts of it.
  • Latitude and longitude
    Geocode addresses by getting their geographic lat/lon coordinates.
  • Valid data only
    The addresses returned will always be correct, not approximated, like some services out there.
  • Append missing data
    Any part of the address that's missing will be filled in to ensure accuracy and deliverability.

Required fields

Street address, and at least one of these:

  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • Any combination of the above

Fields returned

  • All your original fields
  • ZIP+4 code
  • County
  • Coordinates (latitude & longitude)
  • Duplicate Y/N
  • Vacant Y/N
  • Active Y/N
  • RDI (business/residential indicator)
  • and 40+ more...

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