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Feature Highlights ListCleaner Lite ListCleaner Pro Clean & Match 2013
Import / Export any kind of list, using common data types including Excel, Access, text files, DBF files & SQL Server, including Office 2012.
Import / Export contacts directly from MS Outlook
Manipulate your data with a variety of functions: view, edit, cut/copy/paste, sort, filter.
Case Converter Module for automatically standardizing name and address details.
Column Cleaning Module which groups together and counts common values in a column to help identify duplicates or discrepancies.
Text Cleaning Module for removing non-printable and unwanted characters, leading or trailing spaces and much more for ensuring clean and accurate data.
Email Cleaning Module for managing and identifying inaccurate email addresses from your lists.
Statistics Module for identifying missing data with scoring system and charts (2D & 3D charting).
Basic Deduplication – find identical matches, without the need for fuzzy matching or fancy algorithms.
Email Analysis Engine (EAE), for suggesting correct email addresses from your list of bad emails.
Customized Prefixes & Exceptions editor for case conversion (Ibm = IBM, Mclaren = McLaren, etc).
Advanced Data Filtering. Allows you to perform and customize quick ways to filter out bad data.
Import two separate files.
Ability to match two separate lists against each other.
Advanced Fuzzy Matching deduplication (IDME) - Non-Phoentic Fuzzy Matching, Firstname Nickname Matching, Company Name Matching, Street Address Matching, Advanced Telephone Number Matching. Very powerful data matching features only normally available on very expensive data deduplication software.
Advanced Company Names Deduplication (Flowers Limited = Flowers LTD, Marketing World PLC = Marketing World, etc). Advanced Persons Name Deduplication – (Bob Smith = Robert Smith, Dave Evens = David Evens, etc).
Fuzzy Threshold Level Setting – Set a match threshold to find the greatest number of duplications on your lists.
Column Splitter Module - Split columns into various parts. For example a persons full name can be split into title, firstname, surname.
Column Merge Module - Joining values from two seperate columns. For example, on a list that contains the fields “Firstname” and ‘Surname” with the values “John” and “Smith”, this may be concatenated to give “John Smith” in a separate column.
Advanced Telephone matching that may contain international codes, local codes or simply spaces and hashes.( +447958 12 34 56 = 0044 7958123456 = 07958 123 456)
Partial matching with option to ignore and not match any values that are blank/empty.
Cross Column Matching – search for possible duplications that have been entered into the incorrect columns – (Robert Smith = Smith Bob, etc)
Intelligent Merge/Purge. Merge duplicate records on one table or across two tables.
Duel Screen Capability – allowing you to perform list cleaning and deduplication routines with the ability to also view your entire list/s, all at the same time.
Maximum number of columns that can be imported 90 100 250
Maximum number of records that can be imported at once.  This is not accumulative. 100,000 150,000 Standard Edition = 250,000

Business Edition = 500,000

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