PC Cleanup 2017

Duplicate Finder

Duplicate files on your computer waste valuable disk space, make it hard for you to find the right files, and make things like backups and antivirus scans last seemingly forever. Using the Duplicate Finder module to delete duplicates will help you save time, space and money, and assist you in managing your data efficiently.

1. Decide which folders and/ or drives you wish to include or exclude from the scan.


2. Click ADD, navigate to your chosen drive/ folder and click OK. Repeat this process until you’re happy you’ve included all the folders you wish to scan. Do the same for folders or drives you wish to exclude from the scan. You can change or remove folders or drives simply by selecting the drive or folder and then clicking EDIT or REMOVE.


3. You may define a file size range. This is useful if you are only interested in very large files but it is recommended that you simply identify all duplicates; the extra time taken to scan smaller files is usually negligible.


4. Click on the SCAN button. Once scanning is complete, the results will be displayed. Duplicate files are grouped with each alternate group highlighted so that it’s easier to see where a new group (perhaps comprising more than two instances of the file) starts and finishes. The Modified column shows you the last update date and time of the file, giving you an indication of the latest version.



5. Click CLEAN to remove selected files from your hard-drive. The number and size of removed files will be displayed.
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