Column Splitter. For splitting columns into various parts.

Column Splitter. For splitting columns into various parts.

The Column Splitting module within WinPure Clean & Match 2013 contains advanced and powerful functions for splitting columns into various parts. For example a persons full name can be split into title, firstname, surname, using the advanced name splitting  option. Email addresses can be split into domain, sub domains, country etc using the email address splitting option. Telephone numbers can be split into international code, country and much more using the telephone number splitting.

It does all this by splitting a copy of the parts into new fields, see below for an example of the name splitting:





For example:

Lets say you have a list of customers and would like to personalise a campaign using parts of their name. Also, you would like to split their emails addresses to identify the company they work for and the country they are from.This module will quickly allow you to separate their name into each individual part (title, firstname, middlename, surname, postname). For their email addresses it will quickly split them into account,
sub-domain, domain and country.

Lets use the example above in this quick 7-step guide into using the Column Splitter

Step 1: After importing your list, click the 'Clean' button, as shown below.


Step 2: Click the 'Column Splitter' Tab, as shown below:


Step 3: Select the column name that you wish to split. In this example we are using the 'Name' field. Next, select the option "Split full name separated by space'.


Step 4: Click the 'Split' button. Once clicked, WinPure Clean & Match will then split
the name into the selected parts (Title, Name, Post Name Title).Excellent for name splitting.


Step 5: Lets now split their email addresses. Select the 'Email' field at the top, then
choose the "Split the email address into account, domain, etc"


Step 6: Click the 'Split' button. This will then split the email addresses into its separate columns.


Step 7: Finally click the 'Data' button to view the results.


Separating peoples names and emails are just two of the options available on this powerful column splitter module. Download a trial version today to test out the advanced name splitting, email address splitting, address splitting and telephone number splitting options on this award winning software suite.