ListCleaner Lite

ListCleaner Lite


Platforms: Windows XP-SP2 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 & 8
Version: 6.2
Size: 54 MB
Record Limit: 100,000 records per import
Compatible File Formats: Excel (Including 2012), Access (Including 2012), Dbase (Versions 3,4 & 5), Text (.txt, .csv), Outlook (Including 2012).

WinPure ListCleaner Lite is an all-in-one single list cleaning software solution to ensure that your mailing list, contact list, sales and marketing or other databases contain clean, accurate data with no duplicates. With 6 easy-to-use modules (8 in the Pro version), WinPure ListCleaner Lite helps you maintain virtually any type of list from a variety of data sources.

WinPure ListCleaner Lite is equipped with 6 Powerful and Easy-to-use modules:

  • DataTable
  • Case Converter module
  • Text Cleaner module
  • Column Cleaner module
  • Email Cleaner module
  • Dupe Remover module

1. Manage your Datatables/Lists with the Datatable module

1. Import

  • Import your data from Excel, Access or Delimited Text Files (for Outlook or other CRM applications). You can import one or two lists.
  • You can use this module to view/edit/sort/remove records, just like you would do on a database or spreadsheet.
  • Once you have corrected and deduplicated your lists, then you can come back to this module and export the cleansed list, either to the same filename or to a new filename or filetype. Export your results or filtered selections to Excel, Access, or Text files.

2. Use Upper and Lower Case Consistently with the Case Converter module


  • The Case Converter Module ensures that your data is professionally presented. It allows you to make any field UPPER CASE, lower case or Proper Case. Proper case (or Title Case) will take data such as “john mcneal” and convert it to “John McNeal” or convert addresses from “123 maple lane” to “123 Maple Lane”. Includes Prefixes and Exceptions functions to fully customize how names and addresses are corrected.
  • Using this Case Converter module, you can quickly convert this:
    John smith, 132 park hill road, london, sw12-5ty
    John Smith, 132 Park Hill Road, London,SW-5TY (Notice the capital letters, ensuring a much more professional look)

3. Clean Data Fields of Unwanted Characters with the Text Cleaner module


  • This advanced Text Cleaner Module will automatically remove non-printable characters, leading or trailing spaces, and repeated non-alpha characters. It also has advanced options for cleaning data into alphabetic only or numeric only values.
  • Before doing a match/deduplication on your list/s, this is a great module to use because by removing all unwanted characters, a list deduplication will then be much more effective.

4. Clean Column Data with the Column Cleaner module


  • The Column Cleaner Module groups together and counts common values in a column to help identify duplicates or discrepancies. The data can then be corrected for any incorrect group and set to any value that you choose.
  • By simply choosing the incorrect values from your list, then deciding on the new value, WinPure ListCleaner will quickly and effectively correct all the values in the required column

5. Manage your E-mail Address Lists with the Email Cleaner module


  • This Email Cleaner module will quickly identify inaccurate email addresses from your list
  • This is a great module if you are intending to send your customers emails, as it will not only identify any incorrect emails, but it will also provide suggestions to them (e.g. “” becomes “”)
  • Manipulate your data using sort, count, filter and duplicate removal functions.
  • Maintain custom lists of valid country and top level domains (e.g. “.UK” for United Kingdom, “.gov” for government.

6. Dupe Remover module. A quick and powerful Dedupe Module for finding duplicated records


  • The Dupe Remover module will quickly identify any duplicated records in your lists, whether its names, addresses, emails, etc.
  • Simply select the columns you wish to use for the matching, then click 'SEARCH'. WinPure ListCleaner will then quickly search for any duplications and then list them in groups, in order for you to select, exclude, delete or edit them.
  • You can even export just the duplications or the records that do not have any duplications, all at the click of the mouse button.
  • Please note: ListCleaner Pro/Lite does not contain fuzzy or phonetic matching, if this is what you require please take a look at our Clean & Match 2013.

Differences between ListCleaner Pro and ListCleaner Lite

  • Import and handle larger data files
  • Import Two Seperate Lists
  • Statistics Module
  • Table Matcher module
  • Email suggestions on incorrect email addresses
  • Advanced data filtering techniques
  • Various additional customized features