Intelligent Data Matching Engine (IDME)

Intelligent Data Matching Engine (IDME)

The IDME (Intelligent Data Matching Engine) is WinPure's very own fuzzy matching component (now included within WinPure Clean & Match) that was created to accurately identify more duplicate records in mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, etc that would otherwise be very difficult to find.  Can be used to match on individual and business names, address, email, phone, account number, date of birth – or any other data that you hold.

Vodafone uses WinPure Clean & Match for Fuzzy Matching

Using the advanced data matching option now on Clean & Match, below is an actual screenshot of the duplicates that were identified from a sample file.

As you can see it has identified very accurate matching records with abbreviations, nicknames, miskeys and incomplete entries.


Below are some of the features available on the WinPure IDME  to help find true matches and fewer false matches.

Non-Phoentic Fuzzy Matching – To match keying errors and transpositions (such as Sandler and Sander) and reading errors (such as Naylor and Maylor).

Firstname Nickname Matching – Identify near-matching person names, initials and even nicknames like Dave & David, Bob & Robert, Debora for Debra, etc.

Company Name Matching – Advanced methods to identify company names with different definitions (eg. Flowers Limited = Flowers LTD, Marketing World PLC = Marketing World, etc).

 Street Address Matching to identify matching addresses with different abbreviations.For example, 10 Main Street would match against 10 Main Str, 25 Park Road would match against 25 Park Rd, etc

Advanced Telephone Number Matching to identify numbers with international codes, local codes or simply spaces and hashes.( +447958 12 34 56 = 0044 7958123456 = 07958 123 456)

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