Fuzzy Matching API Documentation

Fuzzy Matching API Documentation

Fast Duplicate Search in DataTable Data

Library: Fuzzy Matching (DotNet 4.5 Assembly)

Version: 1.0.1

Dependencies: System/none

General Information
How to use

General Information

The Fuzzy Matching API is a component written by WinPure for state of the art fuzzy matching – amongst its most common uses are duplicate prevention, inquiry, deduplication . The component provides a compact and efficient solution to the problems of data quality and duplication on any Windows based system. This is the help file for the .NET Framework Fuzzy Matching API. API accessing sample code is written in C# programming language as well in VB.Net. This document assumes that you have familiarity with at least one .NET Framework programming language.

Experience with the utilization of .NET components from within programs would be an advantage, but
not essential. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


You can always find the current version at


Different versions will have the same download filename.


Fuzzy Matching:NET Assembly is not Freeware.
The Demo version will expire after the 21 days. And The Licence version will work for 1 year.

To get the licensed version, please follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the purchase option from trial version of API, or directly go to the WinPure Store
  2. Make the payment for the API , 1 yr License
  3. Send an email to support@winpure.com containing the generation code (you can get it from the trial version of API)
  4. WinPure will send you the license key for API
  5. Follow How to use instructions

More information about licensing click  http://www.winpure.com/purchase/volume-licencing.html


  1. Run WinPureFuzzyMatchingAPI setup file and follow the setup installation instruction.
  2. After Installation it will extract C# Folder , VB Folder and Help Folder
  3. Run the exe to excute the software.

How to use

To use this software please follow the following steps.

  1. Add the reference of provided API DeduplicationModule - Example -: using WinPure.DeduplicationModule
  2. Create the instance of the DedupeManager class - Example -: DedupeManager dedupeManager = new DedupeManager();
  3. Pass your license key to DedupeManager class 'Demo' to run the demo version and 'Provided License key' to run the licensed version- Example -: dedupeManager.LicenseKey = "your licensed key";
  4. You can refer to the provided sample code given at :(API setup installation directory , default it is 'C:\Program Files\WinPure\Fuzzy Matching API')\ C#\FuzzyMatchSample.cs file



Return Value: bool

Parameters: none

This methods checks whether the Software is valid or not.



Return Value: void

Parameters: none

This method will reset the API instance to default values.



Return Value: System.Data.DataTable or null

Parameters: DataTable dataTable, List columnsInSearch, Boolean ignoreEmptyCells,
double thresholdVal,SearchQuality searchQuality,ReturnResults returnResults

  • dataTable – The datatable on which fuzzy match will perform
  • columnsInSearch – The columns which will take part in search
  • ignoreEmptyCells – Boolean value to ignore empty cells during search.
  • thresholdVal – The fuzzy search threshold value.
  • searchQuality- It includes the options Browse, Normal or Marathon
  • returnResults- results to be returned either all or duplicate only