Email Cleaner module. Identify inaccurate email addresses from your list.

Email Cleaner module. Identify inaccurate email addresses from your list.

The Email Cleaning module within WinPure Clean & Match will quickly identify inaccurate email addresses from your list. This is a great module if you are intending to send your customers emails, as it will not only identify any incorrect emails, but it will also provide suggestions to them.

If you require software to verify and validate email addresses on your list that are valid and deliverable then why not try out WinPure Email Verifier Pro > Click here for more details

Using WinPure's unique Email Analysis Engine (EAE), you are also able to sort emails addresses by account, domain, sub-domain and even country, making this module a truly worthwhile investment if you have email addresses within your lists or databases. Combining this module with the MATCH module, you can ensure your email lists are clean, accurate and duplicate free.You have a list that contains several hundred (or thousand!) email addresses, and you want to make sure that all your emails are accurate before you send them out. The Email cleaner module will divide your emails into two sections, Valid emails and Invalid emails. This way, you can concentrate on using the Invalid email list to correct your emails.

Lets use the example above in this quick 7-step guide into using the Email Cleaner Module:

Step 1: After importing your list, click the 'Clean' button, as shown below.

Step 2: Click the 'Email Cleaner' Tab, as shown below:


Step 3: Select the column name that contains the email addresses. In the example below we are using the 'Email' field. Once selected, WinPure Clean & Match will then place all the correct email addresses in the VALID EMAILS list, and the incorrect email addresses in the INVALID EMAILS list. Notice it has found 2 invalid email addresses, lets correct these:


Step 4: Click the 'Suggest Corrections' button (see below). We can now see that a possible correction has been entered, of which you can decide to keep or change/remove. Lets assume we are happy with this possible correction.


Step 5: By clicking the 'Use All Corrections' button, this will automatically update the invalid email address with the possible correction. There will however, be times when Clean & Match is unable to provide a suggestion, just like the email address below, The reason is that the email address 'richardevans@treats' although incorrect, could be correct in a number of ways ('richardevans@treats'.com or ', etc), so Clean & Match leaves this untouched. So how can we correct these emails then?


Step 6: To edit the invalid emails, click the "Filter Invalids' button (see below)


Step 7: Clean & Match will automatically take you back to the DATA table and filter the invalid emails, of which now you can edit or remove them. After editing the emails you can then switch back to the Email Cleaner (via the CLEAN button) and press the 'refresh' button, this will then re-calculate the VALID and INVALID email list. Using the duel window capability on WinPure Clean & Match, you can view both the DATA and CLEAN windows at the same time, allowing you to view the invalid emails with the entire record.


The Email Cleaner also features a very powerful email address counting and filtering system, allowing you to view/manage email addresses by account, country,  sub-domain and domain name.