Column Merger. Join values from two seperate columns into new column.

Column Merger. Join values from two seperate columns into new column.

The Column Merger module will allow you to join (concatenate) values (must be text values) from two seperate columns and to place them into a newly created column. For example, on a list that contains the fields "Firstname" and 'Surname" with the values "John" and "Smith", this may be concatenated to give "John Smith" in a seperate column. See below for an example:


AFTER (Notice that Clean & Match has created an extra column that contains the joined values)

This powerful module also offers a "shift" function that will move values on
selected columns over to the left or right. See below on how this can be used to clean address details:


AFTER (notice how all the values have shifted to the left)

For example:

Lets say you have a list of contacts that require all their names (Firstname & Surname) to be joined together and for their address details to look more professional by ensuring there are no gaps. This module can very quickly join (concatenate) two separate columns and will also allow you to specify a number of columns that needs tidying (in this case shifted to the left).

Lets use the example above in this quick 7-step guide into using the Column Merger Module:

Step 1: After importing your list, click the 'Clean' button, as shown below.


Step 2: Click the 'Column Merger' Tab, as shown below:


Step 3: Select the two columns that you wish to merge (concatenate). In this example we are using the 'Firstname' field and 'Surname' columns. Next, select the option "Concatenate'. We now need to specify if we wish to include a separator, for this will will use a space.


Step 4: Click the 'Merge' button. Once clicked, WinPure Clean & Match will then merge the values from the two selected columns (Firstname & Surname) into a newly created column.


Step 5: Lets now tidy the address details. For this example we will use the address columns (Add1, Add2, Town & County). By clicking each one of these columns it will select. We then need to specify whether or not to shift the values to the right or the left, in this example choose "left".


Step 6: Click the 'Shift' button. This will then shift all the selected column values to the left.


Step 7: Finally click the 'Data' button to view the results.

Notice the newly created column for the merging of the names, and notice how all the address details now look more professional and cleaner by shifting all the values to the left.