4. Clean & Match - Merge/Purge

4. Clean & Match - Merge/Purge

Merging duplicated records can be a time consuming and complicated procedure, not with WinPure Clean & Match. Merging duplicate records on one list or across two seperate lists, this software finally makes merging process simple and effective.

  • Features a 'Safe Merge' options to ensure there is no data loss when merging the records.
  • Simple operation to select which records are merged together. Simply select the 'Master' (record to be kept) and the other duplicated records in that group will merge into that specific master record - see example below:

Before Merging:

After Merging:

When it comes to merging or deleting duplicated records, there may be many operations that need to be performed. WinPure Clean & Match provides extensive options for this.



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