3. Clean & Match - Matching

3. Clean & Match - Matching

WinPure Clean and Match provides both basic and advanced deduplication options, with the ability to match (dedupe) one or two lists at the same time. Incorporating the very latest fuzzy matching algorithms, this section will identify duplications you never thought existed.

Advanced Deduplication

  • Find duplicated names, addresses and company names that have not necessarily been entered the same. For example: Bob Smith will match Robert Smith, Open Limited will match Open LTD, and West Street will match West St - See below for example:


Dual Screen Capability

  • The Duel Screen Capability, allowing you to view all the duplications on one window, with a seperate window viewing your entire imported list/s - See screenshot below.


Multi-Matching Screens

  • WinPure Clean and Match provides the user with an option to display and mange the duplications in any of these two different viewing areas:


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