2. Clean & Match - Cleaning

2. Clean & Match - Cleaning

WinPure Clean and Match provides 7 unique list/data cleaning modules that will help to ensure your lists are fully populated, accurate, and have correct email addresses. WinPure recommends you use this Clean section before a data deduplication (Match), ensuring better and more accurate results.

1. Statistics Module


    • This module will help determine which fields have missing data. Each field is scored and presented graphically so you can focus on fields with the highest incidence of missing data.
    • Choose from 3D & 2D charts to highlight either missing or complete data.
    • Ideal for fully populating name and address details

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2. Case Converter Module


    • This module ensures that your data is professionally presented and is ideal for standardizing mailing lists. It allows you to make any field upper case, lower case or proper case. Proper case (or Title Case) will take data such as “john mcneal” and convert it to “John McNeal” or convert addresses from “123 maple lane” to “123 Maple Lane”.
    • Features a powerful Prefixes and Exceptions functions to fully customize how names and addresses are corrected.

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3. Text Cleaner Module


    • This powerful module will quickly and effectively remove unwanted characters from text columns in your lists.
    • At a click of a button, the text cleaner can automatically remove non-printable characters, leading or trailing spaces, and even repetition of non-alpha characters
    • Features 'Alpha only' and 'Numeric only' column cleaning options, ideal for telephone numbers and name fields.

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4. Word Manager Module


    • This module can be used to correct, replace, extract, count or delete any values/words within columns
    • Create your own custom dictionaries and spelling checkers and use any language you wish, and then save the settings to be used for other WinPure projects
    • Easily identify wrong spellings such as 'Stret' ,'Steet' and 'Strreet' and automatically correct to "Street" each time you clean a list.

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5. Email Cleaner Module


    • Ensure your e-mail campaigns are effective by quickly identifying inaccurate or duplicate e-mail addresses..
    • The Email Analysis Engine will help provide corrections for invalid e-mail addresses (e.g. “alan#bakers.com” becomes “alan@bakers.com”) . You are also able to filter email addresses on the basis of domain name. For example you can filter hotmail email addresses or all admin@emails, etc

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6. Column Splitter Module


    • Split columns into various parts
    • For example a persons full name can be split into title, firstname, surname. Email addresses can be split into domain, sub domains, country etc. Telephone numbers can be split into international code, country and much more. It does this by splitting a copy of the parts into new fields, see below for an example of the name splitting.

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7. Column Merger Module


    • Join (concatenate) values from two seperate columns
    • For example, on a list that contains the fields "Firstname" and 'Surname" with the values "John" and "Smith", this may be concatenated to give "John Smith" in a seperate column.

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