Case Converter module - Convert into lower, UPPER or Proper Case

Case Converter module - Convert into lower, UPPER or Proper Case

The Case Converter Module will allow you to select and convert entire columns to either UPPERCASE, lowercase or Proper Case characters, ideal for creating clean name & address details. For example, you may have a list of names and addresses, just like this:

John smith, 132 park hill road, london, sw12-5ty

Using the Case Converter module, you can quickly convert this to:

John Smith, 132 Park Hill Road, London,SW12-5TY

(Notice the capital letters, ensuring a much more professional look)

The Proper Case function within this module contains two additional customised functions: Prefixes & Exceptions, so you can carefully customise the it automatically corrects all your names & addresses. This is great for words or names that are a mixture of capital and small case letters, for example McFly, IBM, O'Hara, etc

A quick 5-step guide into using the Case Converter Module:

Step 1: After importing your list, click the 'Clean' button, as shown below:


Click the 'Case Converter' Tab, as shown below:


Step 3: Select the column name that you wish to modify. In the example below we are using the 'Address1' field. Once selected, WinPure Clean & Match will then place all the distinct values from this field into the ALL VALUES box, together with a count for each value. If you look carefully, you will notice that some of the addresses look very unprofessional (12 the avenue, 13-15 athol street). Lets quickly improve these.


Step 4: Click the Proper Case option, then click the 'Change Case' button. The example below shows the results after the 'Change Case' button has been clicked. Notice the address details now have been corrected and look much more professional.


Step 5:  WinPure Clean & Match contains a very powerful data filtering system on each module, and this can be demonstrated on the case converter module. For example, we just wish to do an UPPERCASE conversion on all the addresses that start with 'po box'. We would enter 'po box*' into the Filter box as shown below. The * value we include at the end is a wildcard, and basically will filter all the values that start with 'po box'. We then choose the UPPERCASE option, then click 'Convert'. You can now see that all the po box values have been converted to UPPERCASE values.


This kind of example can be applied for any column values (not just street names).
Persons names, addresses, postcodes, email addresses, etc could all benefit from using this great case conversion module to ensure your list is very professional looking, especially useful if you use your list for mailing to customers.