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Jul 10

Exploring the Benefits of Fuzzy Matching

[h2]What is Fuzzy Matching?[/h2] Fuzzy matching, sometimes known as probabilistic record linkage, uses algorithmic processes (fuzzy logic) in order to determine whether there is any similarity or relationship between elements of data.  What makes fuzzy matching different to traditional database searching is that results for a query are returned based on likely relevance, rather than …

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Jun 13

Make the Most of Data Cleansing Tools

Data cleansing tools are essential for any business looking to maintain their marketing lists and  databases quickly and efficiently. They can provide support with features such as deduplication and can help companies to save vast sums of money. Deduplication is a process that can help businesses to improve the integrity of their databases by eliminating …

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Feb 13

Deduplication Software: Better Data Management for Marketers

Marketers, in every respect, depend greatly on the data they own to put together marketing strategies and campaigns. Thus, quality of data is imperative. If data are erroneous and outdated, it will bring about poor and, even worst, destructive results which may cause financial drawbacks and waste of time and effort. In addition, continuous data …

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