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Mar 15

The Importance of Removing Duplicate Data

Many would probably not immediately realize the importance of finding and removing duplicate data in company records. Others might consider the process a total waste of time. However, it is important to realize that duplicate data can create chaos that might, eventually, cost your business a considerable amount of money. Much worst, it can ruin …

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Feb 28

Merging Duplicate Records – Merging Between Two Tables

In my last blog about merging duplicate records we looked at merging duplicate records on just one table. I get asked many times about what the quickest method into merging between two tables, so I thought it might be good idea to explain how we go about merging between two tables, again we use our Clean …

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Jan 25

Why Duplicate Free Marketing Lists Are Better Than Gold

The real value of any business is in its list of clients or marketing lists and not other assets as is widely believed. These are the lists that are usually used again and again to keep customers and prospects informed about the very latest offers available from the business. These marketing lists as pure gold …

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