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Mar 01

The Benefits of Data Matching

Scrubbing the data on mailing lists, sales lists, etc. is another tool to keep duplicate records from choking your business. The process to accomplish this is called Data Matching. The simple definition is to compare two or more sets of collected data (excel spreadsheets for example) to remove duplicated information and consolidate records used by …

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Apr 27

Data Cleansing To Aid Planning Policy Framework

Almost exactly a year following its unveiling in last year’s budget by Chancellor George Osborne, Britain’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)  become law on Wednesday March 27th, 2014.   Amongst other requirements, the new rules mandate that councils must set housing targets on a 5-year rolling basis that will identify potential developable land within their respective …

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Apr 14

GCSE Shake-up Examined

Following last summer’s GCSE exams conducted across England, nearly 6.8% of the examinees received the A* grade. That’s all set to change shortly. With effect from the summer of 2017, the highest grade will be reserved for about 20,000 pupils, which is an equivalent of around 3% of the population taking these exams. This will …

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