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Mar 01

The Benefits of Data Matching

Scrubbing the data on mailing lists, sales lists, etc. is another tool to keep duplicate records from choking your business. The process to accomplish this is called Data Matching. The simple definition is to compare two or more sets of collected data (excel spreadsheets for example) to remove duplicated information and consolidate records used by …

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Aug 11

The Ultimate Solution To Unwanted Programs And A Slow Computer

Booting your PC in the Safe Mode does surely help you know that it’s got infected by malware. Moreover, it loads only the minimum required programs. However, not all the time you can work on your PC by putting it in the safe mode, it will not solve the actual problem behind the occurrence that …

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Dec 13

Data De-Duplication for your Marketing List

In every business setting, you need to make every business resource work to your advantage. When it comes to marketing efforts, every penny must count and should ideally result to increase in sales.  Therefore, it does not make much sense why anyone would allow their companies to send out duplicate mails to their customers. It …

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