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Feb 28

Data Quality Tools and the Tiny Mistakes with Big Consequences

There are plenty of good reasons for using data quality tools to maintain a clean and well-ordered database. Perhaps the most important reason of all is that not doing this could lead to small but crucial mistakes. These mistakes could have huge consequences further down the line. The following are some of the mistakes that …

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Feb 22

Infamous Data Fails and Security Breaches: How to Avoid Suffering One

Data fails and security breaches are a huge risk now for companies all over the world. If we want to see how big an impact they can have then we just need to look at some of the most infamous examples from recent years. Kiddicare A hugely embarrassing mistake by this online retailer led to …

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Feb 29

What is the Difference Between Data and Information?

Many people hear the words “data” and “information”, and think the terms can be used interchangeably. In fact, data and information aren’t the same at all, there is a distinct difference between the two words. In order to correctly recognize and use either one, it’s important to know the difference between data and information. Data …

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