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Aug 05

Top 3 File Management Mistakes You Will Never Make Again

remove duplicate files

When it comes to cleaning up our computer and remove duplicate files, all of us commit certain common file management mistakes. These mistakes have only led us to the majority of our day is spent understanding this disorganization and it gradually adds up over time the task can be completed otherwise. You must be wondering …

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Nov 13

Highs and Lows of Legal Highs!

How can data management tools such as what s available  from WinPure help a nation combat the problems associated with harmful drugs and other addictive substances. The answer is simple: A carefully executed data management strategy can ensure that contact lists, address databases and other mailing registers are well maintained, so as to enable effective …

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Feb 17

Clean Data – Critical for clear success!

So you run a business. Whether you are a blue chip corporation, a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) or a mom-and-pop corner store – you’ll always depend on data to deliver success. What some entrepreneurs and executives don’t realize though is that the quality of that data often determines how clear the path to your …

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