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Mar 01

The Benefits of Data Matching

Scrubbing the data on mailing lists, sales lists, etc. is another tool to keep duplicate records from choking your business. The process to accomplish this is called Data Matching. The simple definition is to compare two or more sets of collected data (excel spreadsheets for example) to remove duplicated information and consolidate records used by …

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Nov 15

Data Deduplication: Improving your Companys Return on Investment

When you are running a business that maintains a list of important data and information, you should be aware that the real value of such database is dependent, on a large extent, to the quality and accuracy of the data contained therein.  If you are not particular with the reliability of your data, you can’t …

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Mar 20

Data Cleansing – The meaning

Data Cleansing

Data is of great importance in both small and big business enterprises. Most often, data is used to make key decisions in business organizations that tend to determine the future performance of the organization. Due to this, it is vital to maintain important, up-to date, clean data all the time. This is possible if all …

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