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Feb 16

How Data Cleansing Software Can Stop You from Losing Sales

You might already know that data cleansing software offers a smart way of making sure that your existing client base is kept well under control. However, have you ever stopped to think that poor quality data could be losing you valuable new sales? If not, then now is the time to see what benefits you …

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Mar 01

The Benefits of Data Matching

Scrubbing the data on mailing lists, sales lists, etc. is another tool to keep duplicate records from choking your business. The process to accomplish this is called Data Matching. The simple definition is to compare two or more sets of collected data (excel spreadsheets for example) to remove duplicated information and consolidate records used by …

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Nov 13

Mailing on target!

Since Sept 7th 2014, Royal Mail commenced a series of Sunday delivery pilots from 100 of its delivery offices across the UK. And with that, the hot debate about data cleansing will once again come front and center for many. Why? Because removing duplicates from mailing lists is bound to become a priority for small …

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