List Cleaning Software

List Cleaning Software

Lists are used for all types of purposes and every organization, big or small, use them. But to get desired results it is essential that the lists are clean and efficient. A clean and efficient list should be accurate, up-to-date, free from duplication and has complete information. Maintaining a clean and efficient list is an ongoing process so that the relevancy and the 'current' nature of the list is preserved. A good list cleaning software application can take care of this function effectively.

Advantages of List Cleaning Software:

* Helps to remove duplications
* Helps to correct wrong email addresses
* Helps to identify missing data with graphs & scoring system
* Eliminates unwanted errors & punctuations
* Has the ability to capitalize name & addresses.

WinPure Clean & Match 2013 is an affordable but powerful list cleaning software tool that will remove duplicates you never thought existed, help to correct invalid email addresses and help you to clean your database using its seven powerful list cleaning modules. Simply fill in the form on the right below to get started with your free trial today

  • Increase the accuracy of your customer data: business or consumer, local or international.
  • Reduce marketing postage costs by removing duplicate records from your database using advanced deduplication and intellgent merge/purge.
  • Improve your company image by using standardized styles for names and addresses with clean, correct, fully populated and duplicate-free data.
  • Start your FREE Trial Today and test on your own data!

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