About Us

Why WinPure™?

  • Simple to use, yet extremely powerful. Ask our users. They come from all walks of life and all levels of technical expertise, yet they will all tell you that WinPure is the list/data cleansing and dedupe software they love to use. WinPure software has been specially designed for anyone to use. Our software combines ease-of-use with the power to clean, correct and deduplicate your lists in the shortest possible time.
  • Value for money. We understand data cleansing and data deduplication software can save your business time and money, but we also understand that similar software on the market use this excuse to overcharge their customers and sell their software at ridiculously high prices. Our software is suitably priced for any size business and is actively used by individual users, small businesses, non-profit and community organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, right through to a number of the worlds leading Fortune 500 companies.
  • WinPure Worldwide. Users in over 30 countries and across 5 continents now rely on WinPure software to help improve the quality of their information, helping them to increase profitability through more accurate data, and reducing costs by eliminating duplications, spelling errors and mistakes.
  • Development through research. What makes WinPure stand out? Most users will tell you its the easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to perform time consuming and complex data cleaning and deduplication tasks on their lists and databases. Many years have already been spent researching and designing a tool that does not require a professional IT expert or specialised training to operate, and this research and development is continuing.
  • WinPure listens and implements: The success of our software has been the ability to listen to our customers and implement changes that are continually helping to improve and create new WinPure products. WinPure awards its customers with great discounts and special offers throughout the year.
  • The WinPure Brand - Making list/data cleansing and data deduplication easy and affordable. Until now, data cleansing and data deduplication was a very expensive and difficult task. Combining the quality and the value of our software, its no surprise why WinPure is becomming a very popular choice for businesses worldwide.
  • At WinPure, we will help you!
    We will help you save time.
    We will help you save your Company money.
    We will help you improve the performance of your Company’s marketing efforts.